SAVE International Paper of the Year Award

Cleton & Com wins SAVE Award

The SAVE International Value Summit is a yearly event providing essential continuing education to individuals that practice Value Engineering. Dorine Cleton has won the 'SAVE International Paper of the Year  Award'. Here you can find the intro of her paper and a link for the complete paper.


VE in combination with mediation as super tool for multiparty plan making


Dorine A. Cleton
President Cleton & Com
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Multiparty plan making for spatial and town plans is hot in the Netherlands. But how do you do it? Two year ago in my former presentation I explained how we used VE In combination with mediation to mprove an environmental impact study for a metropolitan redevelopment project in the heart of otterdam. Last years we went beyond that and used VE/Mediation to devise the outlines and the uridical conditions for a spatial plan for the transformation of the site of a concrete factory (10 acres) into a housing and recreational area, starting from the bottom. VE/Mediation did the job where other methods failed. This paper curtains a review of our approach.

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