value engineering

Value Engineering 

Value Engineering (VE) is the search for creative possibilities. A method to achieve more with the same means, or the same with smaller investments. The objective of VE is to improve value focusing on products and services. 

Value Engineering is based on the assumption that 'somebody who wants to sit is not looking for a chair, but for a place to sit.' Meaning that it is the function that matters, not the object. Value Engineering helps search for alternatives; alternatives not thought of before. 

VE-study reveals the options and their characteristics. One option may be cheaper than another but it could offer additional possibilities at a slightly higher price. Making an inventory of additional costs is another way of  sharing knowledge, sharpening criteria and looking for multidisciplinary possibilities.

Cleton & Com uses the tools of VE in combination with those of PPNP. Both methods aim at exploring all of the available knowledge to find ultimate solutions. When they are both implemented, they enforce eachother. 



There are restricting considerations for every situation: space, safety, health, et cetera. And: the more complex the situation is, the more considerations there will be. That is why value engineering is an indispensable method to find the best solutions in complex situations, because value engineering takes every parameter into account.

So, do you have a complex situation? Think about value engineering. Is your situation extremely complex? Do not think about it, do it. Or, even better, let us do it for you. We have the experience and the scars to prove it.

In our hands value engineering is a well-organized process. And you will have your results within three to five days: an inventory of all the possibilities, the additional values that they will offer you and the money that you can save.

Our specialty is also combining VE with Mediation in urban development areas. Read more at Mediation