process management

Process management

Process management is governing on a small scale. And the essence of governing is the ability to look ahead: be prepared for development procedures, apply for your permits in time, and more. Did you anticipate relocating the  protected frogs that cannot stand the thundering noise of piles being driven into the ground? We do. We arrange everything in advance so your project is not delayed.

We turn your process into a smooth operation, without delay or unnecessary costs. We accomplish that by looking ahead. Before the development phase starts, we have secured all the necessary permits and approvals for every stage of the the project.  

We take care of your processes and procedures by: 

  • providing an inventory of all permits and exemptions
  • applying in time for necessary permits and approvals, and timely research planning
  • offering an integrated planning whereby all the required procedures for development and the environment are harmonised, including permits and exemptions
  • coordinating and accelerating all development plans, permits and approvals
  • anticipating and looking ahead, resulting in a firm control of the process.