grip on your site

“If you do this, it may be that that may happen and when that crosses the border of the other, you may possibly have to apply for a permit.” Humbug and hot air. Yet some people seriously try to sell this as advise. Do not fall for it. Our advise is sound, written in clear language.

Grip on your site is a scan that precedes a development project or plan. Within six weeks you know what awaits you, written in crystal clear language: this is what you can expect and that is what you can do about it.

The perfect way to avoid delay and unnecessary costs.

With Grip on your site you get a hold on:

  • The existing usage of the location and possible plans for future developments
  • The characteristics of the site
  • Development plans on every level: country, provincial and local
  • Environmental features, such as soil, air and sound
  • Water management (Water Check: a mandatory test)
  • Biodiversity
  • Archeology