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Cleton & Com offers definite and effective solutions for every challenge in urban development.

An urban development project has to comply with an impressive amount of rules and regulations, enacted by various authorities. For instance rules and regulations for urban development and the environment. On top of that, in our densely crowded country one has to be aware of a possible conflict of interests with other plans and opposition from assertive citizens.

With over thirty years of experience, we have an overview of the entire playing field. We begin by making an analysis of your situation, stakeholders involved in cooperation with specialists from concerned disciplines.

We make sure that research is completed in time and planning objectives are met. We bridge the gap between cultures and liaise with every party involved. That way we acquire valuable local information and prevent the rise of resistance. That is how our team secures your grip on your site and your grip on your goal .


Dorine Cleton
Dorine Cleton

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