Together you can achieve more than when you act alone. Monodisciplinary causes problems; multidisciplinary dissolves and prevents. A lawyer, biologist, akoestikus; everyone is good in his own discipline.

We work together with these experts from the area of spatial planning and the environment. In that way, we archieve a comprehensive approach, where situations are looked at from all angles and the input of one new perspective provides input for the other, and in that way we reach one joint solution: the best.

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The Cleton & Com projects vary from consultancy to complete process. Here are some projects that we have recently implemented to illustrate our unique way of working.

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"Book knowledge with practical experience"
Of course we have our knowledge, we have a legal specialist in spatial planning, environment and everything that goes with it, but what makes us special is our experience. Standing with our feet in the clay for more than 30 years.

In theory, everything works. We ensure that everything works in practice, in the implementation and look further for developments, innovative and practical solutions. We share our knowledge and experience with you. Not only as consultants, but also through courses, lectures and company training.



Creative solutions: multidisciplinary and interactive.

We make sure that your plan will succeed and we are honest about anything that is unattainable. Avoid disappointments. Our quick ‘Grip on your site’ gives you a thorough insight in your situation: if there is any conflict between your project and zoning plans and if there is a smarter way to manage your project. 

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About us


  • Proactive
  • Interactive 
  • Multicultural and multidisciplinary 
  • Consultants in the urban area
  • Bonders, translators and problem solvers
  • Process magicians inspired by law & people 

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