We believe in working together as a team: one discipline is not enough. Cooperating in a multi-disciplinary team resolves and prevents problems. A lawyer, a biologist and an acoustician; each its own field of excellence.

We work with the specialists in the field of spatial planning and the environment to come to a comprehensive approach. One that examines situations from all angles. The input of a new perspective provides input for the other, culminating in one joint solution: the best.

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Cleton & Com has been involved in projects ranging from consultancy to managing processes from start to finish. Read  about our recent projects to learn more about our unique way of working.

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Knowledge and practical experience
We are highly-skilled legal specialists in the field of urban planning, the environment and related fields. What makes us special is our more than 30 years of hands-on experience.

When everything works on paper, we ensure that evertyhing works in practice, in the execution of a project. We look out for developments and innovative as well as practical solutions. We pride ourselves in sharing our know-how and experience with you: as consultants, and by providing courses, lectures and in-company training.



Creative multidisciplinary and interactive solutions 

We make sure your plan succeeds and we are straight about what is attainable and what is not. Our quick ‘Grip on your site’ assessment provides you with  a clear insight into the situation: whether there are conflicting zoning plans and whether there is a smarter way to manage your project. 

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About us


  • Proactive, interactive 
  • multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary 
  • consultants in urban development. 
  • Connecting, translating, solution-finding 
  • process magicians inspired by law & people 

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